Udemy Coupon-Fundamental of Mathematics(particularly algebra) through animation,explanations,plenty of solved examples for exam

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Fundamental of Mathematics(particularly algebra) through animation,explanations,plenty of solved examples for exam.

What you’ll learn

  • SETS: Introduction, Names, Types and Forms of sets. Solve numerical problems
  • SET OPERATIONS: Introduction, types, properties, laws of set operation.
  • DE MORGRAN’S LAWS: De Morgan’s First Law and De Morgan’s Second Law with relevant examples
  • VENN DIAGRAMS: Venn diagrams for subsets, disjoint, overlapping, complement and difference of sets. Then some solved numericals
  • BINARY OPERATIONS: Introduction, Properties, Addition Laws, Multiplication Laws with applications and some solved problems
  • NUMBER SYSTEM: Real numbers, Complex numbers, Derivations, Verification, conjugate, modulus, Properties of equality & Inequality, Addition Laws, Multiplication Laws and some solved problems
  • COORDINATE SYSTEM: Cartesian coordinate system; x-y plane, complex plane, Polar coordinate system; real plane, complex plane. Some solved numerical problems
  • GROUPS: Categories; Groupoid, Monoid, Semi-Group, Group, Abelian Group. Some solved problems


  • Be able to know the very basic algebra operations


Learn the Fundamental of Mathematics through animation. This course includes videos explanation starting right from introduction and basics, then takes graphical and numerical phase with formulas, verification and proofs. At the end it carries plenty of solved numerical problems with the relevant examples. The lectures’ videos are appealing, attractive, fancy (with some nice graphic designing), fast and take less time to walk you through the whole lecture. It’s a prefect choice for students who feel boredom watching long lectures and wants things to finish them quickly with the maximum knowledge gain. So join me here and do it in a quick and easy way. This course covers the below list of topics:

  • Sets
    • Introduction
    • Names
    • Types
    • Forms
    • Numerical problems
  • Set Operations
    • Introduction
    • Types
    • Properties
    • Laws of set operation
  • De Morgan’s Laws
    • De Morgan’s First Law
    • De Morgan’s Second Law
    • Relevant examples
  • Venn Diagrams
    • Venn diagrams for subset of sets
    • Venn diagrams for disjoint of sets
    • Venn diagrams for overlapping of sets
    • Venn diagrams for complement of sets
    • Venn diagrams for difference of sets.
    • Some solved problems
  • Binary Operations
    • Introduction
    • Properties
    • Addition Laws with applications
    • Multiplication Laws with applications
    • Some solved problems
  • Numerical System
    • Real numbers
    • Complex numbers
    • Derivations & Verification
    • Conjugate of complex numbers
    • modulus of complex numbers
    • Properties of equality & Inequality
    • Addition Laws
    • Multiplication Laws
    • Solved Problems
  • Coordinate System
    • Cartesian coordinate system
    • X-Y plane
    • Cartesian coordinate system
    • X-Y plane
    • Complex plane
    • Polar coordinate system
    • Real plane & complex plane
    • Solved numerical problems
  • Groups
    • Categories
    • Groupoid
    • Monoid
    • Semi-Group
    • Group
    • Abelian Group
    • Some solved problems

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners at school and college level

Category: Teaching & Academics, Math
Instructor: Moein Ud Din
Language: English
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