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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Spiritual Course On Self Transformation & Self Healing.

What you’ll learn

  • For all those working to assist in others as Unity, Energy and Light Workers in Healing and evolving practices and therapies.
  • All that exists within this course has to do with my own direct experience of moving into DIVINE UNITY while being supported and facilitated by the DIVINE.
  • It brings the balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.
  • We become aware that there is only one whole, endless Universal Energy that has created the Universe, the Earth and the Life, that fills and rules it as a whole
  • We understand our holiness, wholeness and the Divine nature. The welfare of the individual self, family, society, nation and the world are taken care of.
  • We understand the Divine guidance and protection and the blessings in our life.
  • Transformational approach to promoting health and preventing disease explores the human body’s energy field .


  • An open mind.



Welcome To Vidya Retreat.

To Get a personal certificate kindly send us a message, after completion of the course.

Numerous people on this planet at this time are realising that they are not moving into ways that are best facilitating themselves. We’re able to make clear this by stating that we go out ideal marriage with ourselves. When this holds then we could automatically out of a right romance with others as well as the Earth. Many are concerned about this scenario and desire to find new ways of being and brand-new ways of relating that tend to be more honouring, empowering and freeing.

Relating in new ways and surviving in new ways includes modification, this is obvious. What is less evident perhaps is that we each have to adopt responsibility for WHO WERE and WHAT WE DO. Simply put to change the world we must alter ourselves and also alter ourselves requires us to check out our lives and ourselves with honesty. Essentially, each people is in charge of the reality that people create which is YOUR current conscious or unconscious concentrate that manifests your life and everything that you have.

This course is particularly composed for those with an agenda at this time to accept ALL THAT THEY ARE in UNITY. If you are genuinely thinking about spiritually growing and more importantly to go ALL THE WAY, to satisfy the LARGEST part of WHO YOU ARE then you will discover much of interest here that will assist you to do simply that.

This course basically gives you some idea of the motion I have actually made into my UNIFIED SELF. while at the same time providing you access to the techniques I used to do this. You might say that it represents who I am and where I am at the idea of its creating. I possibly could summarize this approach by stating that my whole being is incredibly centered on progressing. I then openly demand what I have to improve spiritually without expectation or preconceptions. Things then magically occur to facilitate me in this movement. You are offered my experience and the descriptions within this course to facilitate you in the same way.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are genuinely thinking about spiritually growing and more importantly to go ALL THE WAY, to satisfy the LARGEST part of WHO YOU ARE then you will discover much of interest
  • It is also extremely applicable for those of you who are much hurt, having problems, challenges, conditioning and so on to work through and fix.
  • To put it simply all those who are having a hard time here.
  • Spiritual Seekers
  • Energy Healers
  • For anyone who needs divine healing and God’s intervention in his or her health situation

Category: Personal Development, Personal Transformation, Spiritual Healing
Instructor: Dr. Himani Sharma
Language: English
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