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Udemy Free Coupons – Business and Academic English Communication for Non-Natives

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Udemy Free Coupon Course | Enhance your speaking and professional writing skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Process and types of communication
  • learn the hindrances in communication process and the strategies to overcome them
  • Professional writing style to write business messages
  • Communicate effectively during the job search process
  • Identify the barriers to communication and apply strategies to overcome them
  • Apply strategies to plan and deliver effective oral presentations
  • Write effective resumes and cover letters
  • Apply 7 C’s of communication to adopt a professional writing style
  • Positive, negative and persuasive emails, memos and letters
  • Different types of business messages effectively


  • A cell phone, tablet or computer with high-speed internet connection.
  • A noise-free environment for optimal learning experience.
  • Ability to read and write English at 12th grade level


English is the language of international communication and communicating successfully is the absolute, most significant skill one should have today. Every field demands effective communication skills and in order to deliver a message or an idea in an eloquent and efficient manner, one needs to know the importance of careful word choice.

This course focuses on enhancing students’ business and academic English communication skills that are a necessity in today’s world. The curriculum is designed to develop the public speaking skills of students along with building impactful presentation and writing skills. Students will learn about communication strategies and how to effectively use them in varying scenarios. The coursework of this program includes constructive oral and written communication activities that are designed to refine the communication skills of students.

The combination of oral and written activities in this course is designed to develop advanced communicative skills of students which will prepare them for real-life context beyond the classroom. The course works on refining students’ critical skills whilst providing opportunities for expressing ideas and opinions both through written and oral communication. Students through different modules will learn to analyze what the audience requires, the purpose of communication, and planning their work. Effective oral communication is one of the core goals of the course that is achieved through lectures and presentations. Professional writing skills will be developed through the practice of writing letters, emails, and memos.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and professionals who would like to improve communication skills
  • Intermediate level English proficiency.

Category: Personal Development, Career Development, Academic Writing
Instructor: Iqra University
Language: English
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