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Udemy Coupons – Youtube For Begginers -Beginner How To Set Up Youtube

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Udemy Free For Limited Time Course | Build By Youtube Beginner for Youtuber Begginer – How to Start A Youtube Channel for Beginners.

What you’ll learn
  • how to set up a optimized youtube channel
  • how to publish a optimized youtube video.
  • How to look for youtube ideas

If you watch enough “How to Start A Youtube Channel for Beginners ” video on youtube , you probably have watched some of the lectures in this video , no doubt about it .

However , there are a couple of things that i really would love to share with you guys especially on lecture 11 in this course ,where i share about a concept which i called “think global , and do it locally “inspired by Jack Ma , that helps me to build my youtube channel from 0 -3k subscribers within 12 months , by creating video that actually works .

You can enroll in this course and jump straight into it , i do not mind .

Another lecture that i think most youtube video for beginner did not mention is the lecture 8 on how to create a thumbnail for youtube video .Most of the “gurus” will says that create thumbnail that different with other video in term of colors , design , images etc. But not much of them talking about how human brain actually works when we see something, where is our eyes look first at a particular object.I will be talking about this as well.

Lets join in and have fun 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • People that looking to start a youtube channel from scratch

Category: Marketing, Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing
Instructor: Weng Honn Kan
Language: English
Price: Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW