Udemy Coupon-Travel Hacking-How to Travel the Globe when Young and Broke!

Udemy Coupons – Travel Hacking-How to Travel the Globe when Young and Broke!

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Learn How to take an INEXPENSIVE Gap Year of Travel and work abroad to fund your trip!!

What you’ll learn

  • How to take a Gap Year of Travel in your teens twenties and thirties.
  • How To Travel the World, Even if You Have Student Loan Debt​.
  • How to Live in Bali on $500 a month.
  • How working holiday visa’s work, and which one is the best (in my opinion).
  • Top Backpacking Jobs in Australia.
  • How you can make $20 an hour in Asia.
  • Packing List and Hacks.
  • How to not pay ATM and Bank Fees.
  • Best ways to Save MONEY to Travel
  • Best Social Scenes in SE Asia (Key for solo Travelers).
  • Haggling to get the best price.
  • What Hostels are really like.
  • Motorbike Safety Tips.
  • How to Fly for Free
  • How to Avoid Travelers Diarrhea and what to doodoo if it happens to you.
  • Must have Phone Apps for travel.
  • How to travel Cheap.
  • How to Strategically incorporating stopovers into your travel plans.
  • Solo Travel vs Traveling with Friends – pros and cons of each
  • Dealing with Corrupt Cops Abroad
  • Average Budget for SE Asia


  • An open mind.
  • A desire to travel.


The mission of the Gap Year of Travel Course is to educate young adults, like yourself, that it is possible to live life on YOUR OWN terms, and to take a gap year of travel while you are still young. Even if you are broke!

The decision to travel has been the best decision I have ever made. So far I have met no-one that has regretted their decision to travel.

However, there were a lot of common and expensive mistakes that newbie travelers make, an I even made back in the day.

And I want to make sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

I break down the best practices that I have learned in my 3 years of inexpensive travel around Australia and South East Asia. Including how to WORK WHILE ABROAD to fund you trip.

On completion of this course, you:

*will have a better idea of what you are getting into with your Gap Year Experiences.

*You will be armed with tons of tricks and best practices for your trip.

*You will learn now to work while abroad.

*You will learn how to take a Gap Year of Travel while you are still young!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to take a Gap Year of Travel, a backpacking trip or a sbbatical to SE Asia or Australia!

Category: Lifestyle, Travel, Travel Hacking
Instructor: Adam Bartnik
Language: English
Price: $19.99 Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW