Udemy Coupon-Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C

Udemy Coupons – Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email | B2B & B2C.

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Grow your business with cold email. Great for startups, business development, networking, small businesses, & more.

What you’ll learn

  • What the common pitfalls of bad cold email are
  • How to craft body copy that converts based on multiple frameworks
  • How to write email subject lines that get open rates as high as 80%
  • How to write an effective Call-To-Action (CTA) for your email campaigns
  • How to build an Ideal Customer Profile for your target audience
  • How to build professional customer personas for their audience
  • How to use “threading” techniques to find your audience
  • How to determine who in a company they should reach out to
  • How to build a contact “hit list” with the right tools & information
  • How to mine LinkedIn for contacts that you can reach
  • How to determine where you should mine for contacts
  • How to use Google, press releases, and attendee lists to pull contacts you otherwise might have missed
  • How to use directories to build a list for B2B sales
  • How to build a B2C list off Twitter and other social media platforms
  • How to prospect within your own network tactfully
  • The basics of cold calling
  • How to get anyones email address
  • How to use tools like Hunter, VoilaNorbert, The Harvester, & Datanyze to find email addresses
  • How to hande @info and @contact email addresses
  • How to figure out edge case email scenarios where tools don’t work
  • How to scale up your lead generation process with outsourcing
  • How to find virtual assistants and contractors with the right skills and right price
  • How to write job post ads and conduct trials prior to hiring
  • How to buy bulk prospecting leads and incorporate them into your process
  • Common copywriting concepts like AIDA, CBI frameworks, and UVP
  • How to use emotional triggers in your emails without feeling spammy
  • How to use the 3 golden rules of cold email to never launch a failed campaign
  • How to pick the best times during the day and week to email
  • How to follow up with prospects
  • How to incorporate replies into your sales funnel


  • Students just need access to the internet and an email account


In this course we’re going to focus on building a cold email machine for growing your business, your network, and your opportunities.

Cold email is magical tool.

When done right, it opens up access to anyone in the world.

Need investors for your business? Use cold email.

Need interviews for your podcast? Use cold email.

Need to find clients for any business? Use cold email.

Want to meet someone you find interesting? Use cold email.

Whether you run a small retail business, a fledgling sales team at a startup, or just want to pre-validate a business or product idea you have… using cold email is the most single most effective way to generate leads.

This course focuses equally on B2B & B2C sales. We include techniques for both and explain how to tailor your approach differently for different situations

Whether it’s finding your first 20 customers, or inking a deal for a million dollar hardware sale… cold email should be your go-to strategy.

Included in the course:

• Over 118 lectures

• Over 6 hours of instruction

• Over 3 hours of behind the scenes practice lectures

• 3 real case studies that Zach and Evan have run in the past

• One real live campaign that we run from beginning to end on screen unedited.

We’re going to show you how with just an email account, you can get on the phone with experts, Fortune 500 CEOS, & fascinating people for FREE. It costs nothing to run a cold email campaign.

About your instructors:

Evan Kimbrell has 20 courses on Udemy with over 340,000 students from 180 countries. His courses primarily focus on business, entrepreneurship, & growth marketing. In 2013, Evan started the digital agency Sprintkick and used cold email techniques taught in this course to grow his business to a multimillion dollar run rate within the first year.

Zach Valenti is a creative entrepreneur & YouTuber. He’s built extensive campaigns with cold email for his own consulting business as well as his critically acclaimed podcast, Wolf 359. He’s used cold email to run a podcast, sell mental health awareness hardware to universities, and find clients for his videography consulting business.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs that want to grow their business
  • Anyone in sales at a startup
  • Anyone working on sales for a small business
  • Anyone in sales at a large company
  • Consultants that want to grow their client base

Category: Business, Sales, Email Marketing
Instructor: Evan Kimbrell, Zach Valenti
Language: English
Price: $199.99 Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW