Udemy Coupon-You will learn how to create Awesome Liquid Motion Effects & Liquid Text Effects in Adobe After Effects from scratch!

Udemy Coupons – Motion Graphics: Make Liquid Motion Effects in After Effects

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | You will learn how to create Awesome Liquid Motion Effects & Liquid Text Effects in Adobe After Effects from scratch!

What you’ll learn

  • Create amazing liquid text effects in Adobe After Effects
  • Learn how to use Masks to create amazing effects in After Effects
  • Learn how to use After Effects built-in effects for create liquid handwriting text effect
  • Render and export your final video and share with the world!


  • No prior knowledge of Adobe After Effects required.
  • Working version of After Effects – CS5.5 or above


Motion Graphics: Create Awesome Liquid Motion Effects in After Effects

Do you like to learn how to create amazing Motion GraphicsLiquid Motion Effects and  Amazing Handwriting Liquid Text Effects in Adobe After Effects from scratch?

IF So, Enroll Now!

This course consists of 2 separate video tutorials:

  • Video Tutorial 1: Create Liquid Motion Effects in Adobe After Effects
  • Video Tutorial 2: Create an Amazing Handwriting Liquid Text Effect in Adobe After Effects

Liquid Motion Graphics Effects in After Effects are trending everywhere. So, I am here to show you the exact way how to create it. Follow a few simple steps, and make your own Liquid Motion Effects and Liquid Text Effects for your logos, texts and intros.

In this video tutorial, I am covering, how to make liquid logo intro, how to make liquid animations in After Effects, liquid shape animations, 2D flat liquid logo intro, and much more!

In less than 30 minutes you’ll learn lots of great tips and tricks to create professional Liquid Motion Graphics effects in adobe after effects cc very fast and simple, so you can create a fantastic liquid logo, liquid intro, liquid texts, and titles and much more.

You Learn by Doing:

In this course, you can immediately DOWNLOAD Project Files, so you can learn by doing and you’ll follow along and work on your own project while learning. In this course, we’ll create our 2d flat liquid motion graphics effects and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in television, movies, video presentations, commercials, … and after effects motion graphics.

What will you learn:

  • How to create liquid effects step-by-step. (No previous experience required)
  • How to animate particles using the Particular Plugin to create amazing effects.
  • How to create final liquid logo intro
  • How to render the final project in After Effects

Who this course is for:

This class is designed to teach you Liquid Motion Graphics effect STEP-BY-STEP, so even if you’ve never opened After Effects before, you can follow along with the class and you will see how easy it is to use After effects to create awesome Motion Graphics quickly.

And after you enroll in this course you will learn all the essential tips and techniques you need to animate simple and even complex liquid motion effects in Adobe After Effects CC to create incredible Motion Graphics.

I encourage you to watch all the lectures and then start creating your awesome Liquid Motion Graphics and post them here, so all of us will enjoy your cool liquid motion effect animations.


  • No Prior Knowledge of After Effects CC Required
  • A working copy of Adobe After Effects CC
  • Particular Plugin for Adobe After Effects (only for the first video tutorial)
  • Adobe After Effects project file is available to download


By watching this class, you don’t need any other resources to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, but if you have any questions we’ll be with you in every step you need help, So you can send us a message and we’ll be glad to help you quickly!

We want to make this After Effects Motion Graphics course the best resource on learning Adobe After Effects for beginners. So please watch all lectures and send us your feedback, this will help us to improve this course for future students and you will get updates for free.

This course is appropriate for all Adobe After Effects users. So after you enroll in this course you will learn all essential tips and techniques you need to design and animate simple to complex liquid effects in Adobe After Effects.

This course is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to create awesome liquid motion effects in Adobe After Effects and create amazing liquid animations and awesome Motion Graphics all in less than 30 minutes!


After watching all videos in this class, go ahead and use a text, title or shape and use all the techniques you have learned in this course to create eye-catching Motion Graphics and Liquid Effect animations.

If you want to show us your great works don’t hesitate to post it here and let me and other students enjoy your great liquid motion graphics.

I can’t wait to see your animations, We’ll be really happy to see your videos, So … what are you waiting for?! start creating your awesome liquid animations and motion graphics in After Effects right away!

If you find this course useful we appreciate you taking the time to RATE IT, and also recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and classmates. Thanks in advance.


So, If you’re eager to know how to create amazing liquid motion graphics effects in adobe after effects, Just CLICK THE ENROLL Button Now, and we’ll see you in LESSON 1 😉

We hope you enjoy this course as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

If you wanna learn, Join and Enjoy!

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Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn how to create amazing handwriting liquid text effects in After Effects
  • Everyone who wants to learn how to use built-in effects & presets in AE to create liquid effects
  • Everyone who wants to learn how to add special effects to the scene to enhance final animation
  • Everyone who wants to learn how to render animations in Adobe After Effects quickly

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