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Udemy 100% Discount Course | Transform your life experience – SIGN UP and learn the essentials from Mindfulness Expert Darren Cockburn.

What you’ll learn
  • Discover effective techniques to bring mindfulness into everyday activities
  • Use digital devices consciously and mindfully
  • Develop greater levels of awareness and become more accepting
  • Learn to meditate and create your personal meditation practice
  • Cultivate more kindness to yourself and others
  • Gain freedom through forgiving yourself and others
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships
  • Simplify life, making it easier to be mindful and happy
  • Increase concentration and effectiveness
  • There are no pre-requisites for taking this course
  • The course can be completed at a time and pace to suit you
  • Study from a comfortable location of your choice through a phone, tablet or computer

The Mindfulness Essentials Practitioner Course confidently and concisely guides you to a happier and more harmonious life. You’ll learn exactly what mindfulness is, how it benefits us, and practical ways to bring mindfulness into everyday activities. A range of meditation techniques are introduced with a focus on how to build and sustain your personal meditation practice.

This course provides the essentials to enable you to learn and practice mindfulness effectively. The teacher, Darren Cockburn, is a recognised mindfulness expert and author. He draws upon decades of experience in personal mindfulness practice. After training thousands of people, he’s now distilled the teachings down to the core essentials in a series of digestible and enjoyable lectures.

The course combines video, audio, guided meditations, articles, exercises and links to a collection of free external resources that complement your learning. Offering lifetime access to all materials for future reference.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive through signing up and learning with Darren on this course:

  • Relieve stress and depression
  • Enhance your happiness and well being
  • Reduce anxiety through cultivating calmness
  • Enhance positivity
  • Quieten a busy mind
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Higher levels of presence and awareness of yourself and others
  • Bring about acceptance and kindness to yourself, others and situations
  • Better relationships and listening skills helping you build relationships and deal with difficult people
  • Increase your resilience and acceptance of active health issues
  • Reduce the likelihood of future health issues
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Greater creativity and problem solving
  • Learn a range of different mindfulness techniques and models
  • Integrate mindfulness into your everyday activities
  • Integrate your mindfulness practice into your work
  • Learn how to use your digital devices (like phones and laptops) consciously
  • Learn different types of meditation
  • Receive holistic and practical training on meditation technique and setting up a home practice
  • Use digital devices and the Internet to support your mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Enjoy a regular personal meditation practice
  • Adjust your life situation and behaviours to make mindfulness easier to practise
  • Configure your life so that you can sustain your mindfulness practice over the longer term

The course is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – What is mindfulness?
    • What is mindfulness
    • The opposite to mindfulness – lost in thought
    • Acceptance and kindness
    • Practical Exercise: Introductory mindfulness practice
    • Practical Exercise: What are your objectives?
    • Section 2 notes
  • Section 3 – Mindfulness benefits
    • Benefits – Mind
    • Benefits – Body
    • Benefits – Relationships
    • Benefits – Spiritual
    • Practical Exercise: How can mindfulness benefit you?
    • Section 3 – Notes
  • Section 4 – Mindfulness Models
    • Three Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness
    • The Two Modes of the Mind
    • The Four A’s
    • Section 4 – Notes
  • Section 5 – How to be Mindful in Everyday Life
    • Using the breath
    • Using energy within body
    • Micro meditations
    • Selecting the right environments
    • Mindfulness within simple activities
    • Utilising space and silence
    • Using the environment around you
    • Creating mindful reminders
    • Practical Exercise: Creating your own everyday practice
  • Section 6 – Meditation
    • What is meditation?
    • Meditation posture
    • Mindful Breathing meditation
    • Loving Kindness meditation
    • Just Being meditation
    • Mindfulness & meditation hindrances
    • Mindfulness & meditation hindrances – table
    • Setting up your meditation practice
  • Section 7 – Forgiving yourself and others
    • How forgiveness relates to mindfulness
    • Practical exercise: Forgiving yourself
    • Practical exercise: Forgiving others
  • Section 8 – Mindfulness in relationships
    • Mindful communication
    • How to deal with difficult people
  • Section 9 – Simplifying Life
    • The connection between simplification and mindfulness
    • Obtain and retain only what you need
    • Do only what needs to be done
    • Practical Exercise: Assets and activities audit
  • Section 10 – Using Digital Devices Mindfully
    • Mindfulness and the Digital Realm
    • 7 Principles for Conscious Digital Usage
    • Article – 7 Principles for Conscious Digital Usage
    • Article – 12 Tips to stay mindful when using your phone or other devices
    • Practical Exercise: Using digital devices mindfully
  • Section 11 – Course completion and further learning
    • Objectives review
    • Congratulations!!!!
  • Section 12 – Bonus Lecture including free resources
Who this course is for:
  • People who regularly find themselves lost in thought
  • Those who find it difficult to stay mindful whilst using their digital devices
  • People who would like to learn to meditate regularly
  • Anybody who would like to reduce their stress levels
  • Anybody desiring less suffering and more happiness
  • Those who need to cultivate more harmonious relationships
  • Employees or business owners looking to improve their effectiveness at work
  • Anybody looking to simplify an overly complex life
  • People who need to forgive themselves or others
Category: Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality, Mindfulness
Instructor: Darren Cockburn
Language: English
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