Udemy Coupon-Develop a full stack web application using Spring boot and Angular Material Design

Udemy Coupons – Master Spring & Angular Material with a full web application

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Udemy Free Coupon Course | Develop a full stack web application using Spring boot and Angular Material Design.

What you’ll learn

  • Build amazing responsive Angular apps with modern tools like Material and Spring boot
  • REST API Develpment
  • Database model design
  • Angular material web application
  • Spring framework
  • Angular framework
  • Swagger for API documentation
  • Swagger for Frontend API generation


  • All you need is your laptop and an internet connection
  • NO Material Design knowledge is required
  • Basic knowledge of Java programming language


Angular is an amazing frontend JavaScript & TypeScript framework with which you can build powerful web applications.

There are a lot of courses that dive deeply into Angular but sometimes you just want to build an entire app and see how it all works in practice. And you want to use all these great third-party packages that can add a lot of awesome functionalities to your Angular app!

This course covers exactly that!

We’ll build an entire, realistic app which looks absolutely beautiful, uses Google’s Material Design and is extremely fast! Thanks to Spring framework, we’ll add real-time database functionalities and see our updates almost before we make them!

What are you waiting for, this is what you’ll get in detail:

  • A realistic full app that uses many Angular Material components
  • Examples for components like Sidenavs, Cards, Forms, …
  • A real-time database connection powered by Spring boot
  • Generating the API documentations, so no need to write it your self on the frontend side
  • And so much more!

This course is for you if you want to practice Angular, want to see it in action or want to learn it with the help of a 100% practical project!

Who this course is for:

  • You want to learn how to develop a full stack application -> Here is the place

Category: Development, Web Development, RESTful API
Instructor: BOUALI Ali
Language: English
Price: $19.99 Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW