Udemy Coupon-Watch along as I optimize a real, local business website for high-rankings using actual SEO strategies and techniques!

Udemy Coupons – Insider SEO 2020: SEO Training to Rank Higher in Google!

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Watch along as I optimize a real, local business website for high-rankings using actual SEO strategies and techniques!

What you’ll learn
  • Local SEO for business
  • Best ways to perform keyword research to target buyers
  • Tutorial of On-page SEO to get your site ranking
  • Technical SEO plugins to speed up your site
  • Best tools to use for SEO
  • Backlink Building Strategies
  • Easy 5-step process for Higher Ranks
  • SEO Trends for 2020
  • Basic Knowledge of WordPress

No one talks about the contradictory information that you find when searching for SEO training. Or the limited information you find which leaves you confused about what direction to take for your SEO strategy.

Other sources leave you uncertain about how much to trust the training because they base their knowledge on theory. This brings about the “correlation doesn’t imply causation” argument.

I’m sick of the expensive classes that only show theory with no practical application. This is what led me to create this course.

This course is going to give you proven SEO skills to improve your rankings without the extra fluff.

No charts. No theoretical guessing. This is the practical approach you can apply to your website directly, instead of the statistical information you would get in a college course.

I’m not simply making comparisons of what the highest-ranking websites are doing. These are actual techniques I’ve used to rank over 300 websites in the first position of Google search engine results pages. This isn’t information you can easily find reading articles online. I actually take you behind the scenes of an SEO consultant and show you how an actual SEO professional ranks sites.

I wouldn’t exactly say this is confidential information, but I have not seen anyone talk about the actual process of performing SEO and walkthrough how to improve rankings.

I’m giving practical examples on an actual website that is ranking and how I got it to rank.

If you’re just learning SEO, this is easy to follow because I only talk about the important things and won’t overload you with useless jargon.

By the way, no coding knowledge is required.

Everyone can benefit from this book. Even if you already know everything about SEO, I’m sure you will get some golden nuggets to use in your campaigns.

SEO can be complicated, so I give you a simple step by step process you can follow to constantly improve your rankings so you know how to work, and where to look for improvements.

I start with how to perform keyword research, how to optimize your website, then move to the most important factors to satisfy when trying to rank higher.

I will keep this course updated so you always know what tools don’t work, and how to replace them.

I have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. 5 of those years have been almost exclusively SEO work.

Get the insider’s scoop as I optimize a real business website with real content, that is currently ranking in Google.

This course is perfect for any sized company, blogger, or SEO specialist that is looking to improve traffic with organic visitors. Everyone can relate to this book.

Learn how to actually write an SEO-optimized article after performing keyword research.

Learn more about keyword research, on-page optimization, off-site optimization, building backlinks, free tools, paid tools and more!

Learn speed optimization with no coding knowledge to improve your site load time for mobile devices and improve your score on Google page speed insights.

Learn the best plugins to help your website with minimal impact to site loading times and get the updated plugins when the one’s I recommend stop getting updates.

Again, this is from optimizing a real website with real content.

Want to know where to drop keywords on your website?

I haven’t seen this kind of information in $1500 courses, but I’m here to present you secret techniques that most SEO strategists try to cover-up.

This course targets global rankings and local businesses.

Newly updated content for 2020.

Anyone with a website will find this information helpful. Bloggers, small businesses, large corporations, SEO managers, Marketing Consultants, the list goes on forever. Everyone benefits from increased website traffic.

I had to include real-time examples to give you that “Aha” moment of what you need to improve for rank number one.

Are you ready?

Everything from here on is actionable, practical SEO knowledge you can immediately use to improve your rankings.

I hate the fluff I find in most books and I hate writing fluff even more!

Let’s get into it…

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner SEO
  • Business Owners
  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Specialists
Category: Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Instructor: Calvin Carter
Language: English
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