Udemy Coupon-How to Quickly Grow Large Social Media Accounts

Udemy Coupons – How to Quickly Grow Large Social Media Accounts.

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Udemy Free Coupon Course | Lesser-Known Hacks for Building a Huge, Engaged Following on Facebook and Twitter (with Any Budget Size).

What you’ll learn

  • How to Convert Facebook Post Engagement to Free Page Likes
  • How to Create Targeted Facebook Ads that Earn Follows for Under 1¢/Person
  • How to Maximize the Organic Reach of a Facebook Post
  • How to Grow Facebook and Instagram Pages Simultaneously
  • The Right Language and Structure to Make a Tweet Go Viral
  • How to Use Targeted Demographics on Twitter to Gain Thousands of Free Followers
  • How to Become An Influencer and Earn Money Just By Posting on Social Media
  • How to Manage a Large Online Community with Over 100,000+ Real Fans and Followers


  • No prerequisites


If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to grow an audience on social media.

·        Maybe you’re a creator, trying to share your blog, art, photos, music, videos, or other content with more people.

·        Maybe you run an online business, and you’re always trying to reach new clients and customers.

·        Or maybe you just want to be an influencer and would love to get paid to post about the subjects that interest you most.

In this Udemy course, adapted from my lecture Social Media is Easier Than You Think, I’ll teach you how to achieve those social media goals, building a huge online following and getting your work or business the attention it deserves. As a journalist and podcaster, these social media strategies have allowed my content to reach thousands of new people, and I know they will work for you, too.

And the best part is, these are techniques anyone can use, no matter what their content is or what they use social media for. That means anyone can become a social media influencer if they only learn the right methods.

I’ve shown these techniques to a lot of people—friends, coworkers, and even my former boss. (He incorporated these ideas immediately into the business’s social media practices, and a Facebook page we had been growing for years more than doubled in just a few days.)

A Better Way to Learn Social Media

I’ve worked with consultants and social media instructors before, and I’ve seen how mixed their effectiveness can be. A lot of people charge high prices only to offer basic, familiar advice that isn’t very helpful. So with this course, I’ve created a program that does what I wish all the other courses out there were doing:

·        It’s easy: there are no assignments, and the total run time is only about an hour. It’s just a few lectures you can watch on your own time and refer back to whenever you want.

·        It offers new strategies: you won’t find the same recurring advice here about what times to post content, how to share others’ viral content on your own page, or how to spend thousands of dollars on boosts or ads. (I actually have no idea when the best times to post on Facebook are.)

·        It’s cheap: social media consultants, seminars, and courses can cost hundreds of dollars. This video is offered at a price anyone can afford, and all the techniques in this video are either free or use specific audience targeting to cost less than a cent for each new follower.

·        It offers guaranteed growth: I’ve seen the methods in this video work on all different subjects in all different niches. Business, art, politics—even cats! I know they will work for you, and if you start implementing them and have any questions, just reach out and I can help make sure you’re doing everything right and getting genuine, noticeable growth.

·        It shows how to convert social reach into real earnings: There are so many ways to earn money simply from having large social media accounts.

         o   You can get paid to do content shares.

         o   You can paid to run sponsored posts.

         o   You can run thriving fundraisers, Kickstarter campaigns, and Patreon pages, while targeting ideal donors in your niche.

         o   You can join influencer networks, to better connect with companies looking to pay people like you to share their content.

So if you’re still out there hustling every day to draw people to a page with just a few hundred or a few thousand followers, please stop! You just don’t have to do that anymore. Don’t make the same mistake I used to make in thinking you had to grow by only a few people at a time—it just doesn’t work that way.

Enroll now, and learn the strategies that allow me to grow Facebook and Twitter accounts quickly with any budget size. It really is that simple–no expensive ads or consultants required.

Thanks, and good luck with wherever your new social media influence takes you next,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to grow their social media influence, especially online creators or business owners

Category: Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Instructor: Sean Douglass
Language: English
Price: $19.99 Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW