Udemy Coupon-Stop wasting time with bloated “what is retargeting” courses and discover the easy way to set up remarketing

Udemy Coupons – Google Remarketing – Fast & Easy Setup Guide

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Udemy Free For Limited Time Course | Stop wasting time with bloated “what is retargeting” courses and discover the easy way to set up remarketing.

What you’ll learn
  • Quickly connect Google Analytics to Google Ads
  • Serve ads to your most engaged website visitors
  • Deploy beautiful, responsive display ads in minutes with no graphic design necessary
  • Avoid junk “flashlight app” type placements in the Display Network
  • Create “look-a-like” audiences of your very best website visitors
  • Put Google’s machine learning monster on a leash
  • Create conversion goals that work for sites with high-ticket items
  • Avoid retargeting junk website traffic
  • Stop paying for bot clicks and start focusing on brand awareness
  • Group your audiences and ads by interest, product, or service
  • A basic working knowledge of Google Ads, Analytics, and remarketing theory
  • A solid understanding of the product or service you are marketing
  • Images and text for use in display advertising
  • A website with reasonably well structured content
  • An active Google Ads account (an active search campaign is a plus)
  • An active Google Analytics account

Cut through the fluff and get right into setting up a remarketing campaign within your Google Ads account, FAST!

Robots don’t buy your products or services, so why would you remarket to them? Only a fraction of the visitors you see in Google Analytics are real people who actually care about your product or service. Bots, crawlers, marketers from overseas, and other “fake traffic” can artificially inflate your website visitor numbers dramatically.

In this course we will not only get straight to the setup of a typical remarketing display campaign, we will help you avoid wasting money advertising to bots and zero-in on your most engaged website visitors.

Why advertise to people in the dark?

Ever see thousands of clicks from a Flashlight App or weird, kids YouTube channel in your placements report?

We KNOW how to stop these types of runaway placements and the dreaded Google targeting creep once and for all.

See how in this course.

You could easily spend over 10 hours digging through tedious courses showing you multiple, confusing methods of achieving the same results, or, armed with your knowledge of your website, products, and customers you could setup your remarketing campaign with confidence in just minutes.

  • You know what remarketing is.
  • You know your products and services.
  • Now start serving ads!

This course is for you if you are:

  • Frustrated with poorly performing remarketing campaigns
  • Seeking to implement an efficient remarketing strategy for their business
  • Tired of Google expanding your targeting on your remarketing campaigns
  • Fed up with poor quality placements for your display ads
  • Looking to implement remarketing for their clients quickly and profitably
  • Looking to improve the performance of an existing remarketing or display campaign
Who this course is for:
  • Marketing professionals looking to improve targeting and eliminate waste in Google Ads
Category: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Retargeting
Instructor: Joel Eckman
Language: English
Price: Free (Udemy 100% off coupon code) ENROLL NOW