Udemy Coupon-Facebook Lead Ads MASTERY (Customer Acquisition on Facebook)

Udemy Coupons – Facebook Lead Ads MASTERY (Customer Acquisition on Facebook)

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Udemy 100% Discount Course | Easy Way to Create Magnetic Facebook Lead Ads & Boost your Facebook Marketing Sign ups. Get More Customers on Facebook.

What you’ll learn
  • Get more customers with FACEBOOK Lead Ads Now.
  • Collect enquiries from potential customers.
  • Get more subscribers to your newsletters & email marketing.
  • Connect your potential customers with your business.
  • Entice people with special deals & promotions.
  • Grow customer reach through Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads.
  • Follow my complete step by step guide & download TO-DO list
  • Avoid mistakes people often do (like not signing special conditions, etc.)
  • No knowledge needed – Create your 1st Facebook Lead Ad to get more customers now.

Get more customers with FACEBOOK Lead Ads Now! Lead ads can help make it easy for your customers and potential customers to connect with your business. When a person clicks your lead ad on Facebook or Instagram, they’ll see a form that’s already filled with the contact details they’ve opted to share on Facebook, such as their name and email address.

You can follow up with your leads by downloading them from your Page, or receive them automatically by integrating your email or CRM tool.

Ways to use Facebook Lead Ads

Here are some ways you might consider using lead ads to grow your business:

Grow your email list

Get more sign-ups for your newsletter or other email marketing, and follow up with helpful resources.

Learn more about your customers

Ask your customers about their preferences and interests so you can offer them the best experience.

Offer coupons and promotions

Showcase deals, coupons or discounts to grow interest in your product or service.

Schedule appointments

Offer your customers a quick and easy way to schedule appointments or meetings.

What you need to get started

When you create your first lead ad, you’ll set up the ad and the lead form in the same step. Here’s what you’ll need to have ready to successfully create a lead ad:

The text and image (or video) for your ad

Lead ads have the same text and image requirements as link ads. You can use a single image, multiple images or a video in your ad.

A list of the questions to ask in your lead form

Choose from a number of default fields such as email address and phone number, or create your own custom questions.

A link to the privacy policy for your business

We require all advertisers who create lead ads to have a privacy policy on their business’ website. We’ll ask you to include a link to this privacy policy when you create your lead ad.

Info to include on a welcome screen (optional)

You can include additional information on a welcome screen, which appears before your form. We recommend testing the welcome screen to see if it helps increase your lead quality.

Collect email sign-ups

Lead ads can help you get more subscribers to your newsletters and email marketing. That way you can stay in touch by providing updates on new products or services, announcing upcoming promotions or sharing other details about your business. See how The Royal Danish Theatre used lead ads to attract 47% of its newsletter subscribers.

Commonly requested user information:

  • Email
  • Gender

Common custom questions:

  • How often do you want to hear from us?
  • What types of emails would you like to receive?

Call to action:

  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe

Manage enquiry forms

You can also use lead ads to collect enquiries from potential customers. Ask them questions to learn more about their interest, and then follow up to provide more information or make a sale. See how the Milwaukee Bucks used lead ads to connect with people who were interested in purchasing season ticket packages.

Commonly requested user information:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Postcode

Common custom questions:

  • What’s your desired field of study?
  • When was your enrolment date?

Call to action:

  • Learn more

Offer deals or promotions

Leads ads are also a great way to entice people with special deals. Encourage people to complete your form to access the promotion. See how Thinkful used lead ads to promote their programme and recruit more student coders.

Commonly requested user information:

  • Email
  • Postcode
  • Gender

Common custom questions:

  • What would you like to receive vouchers for? Select all categories that apply.

Call to action:

  • Get Quote
  • Learn more
  • Sign Up

Get more customers with FACEBOOK Lead Ads Now!

Facebook Lead Generation Ads – Follow my Complete Step by Step Guide & Download TO-DO list:

  • Think about your potential client needs – Why he would get in closer contacts with you? Your company? Your service?
  • Choose from 2nd sheet the media resources for content media / images creation and download and choose what suits you the best
  • Prepare fantastic and 6 inspiring images (or 1 video) that would highly attract you (your potential customer) to click on
  • Define your goal – Do you need to call your client? Do you wish to build your e-mail database?
  • Create short call to action with inspiration – write copy to give client arguments to give you his contact. Create also great thank you page.
  • If you are building newsletter database – create e-mail magnet. Give your potential client real value for free.
  • Double check your website to have clear URL with Privacy policy. Be sure to have this link ready with your copy.
  • Double check you have thought about your targeting options – age, income, needs, interests, engagment remarketing, website remarketing etc.
  • Go to the Facebook Ads manager.
  • Click on create (Big green button).
  • Set up the objectives of your campaign – click on Lead generation
  • Name well your campaign – so, you can easily orient in your Facebook ads manager
  • Click to continue
  • If you are creating this kind of Ad for the 1st time, click on the conditions sign up offered by Facebook and confirm them completely
  • Put you honest energy into targeting – local, age, place, interest, wishes, look alike audiences, remarketing websites, remarketing video views, remarketing engagement etc.
  • Set up auction model (just keep it default from Facebook)
  • Set up small / testing budget for the beginning and adjust it during the campaign the way you need (Always start with reasonable budget)
  • Set up lowest costs
  • After few days / weeks of testing the campaign you can set a bid cap or you can even go for Target costs
  • Click to continue
  • Choose from 4 key options – Carousel / Single image / Single video / Slideshow
  • Video might be great option, if you have created fantastic video
  • My best experience is to go for single image that is really attractive for people – they just clikc and then they click again – 6 pictures for test
  • Upload 6 fantastic pictures (or 1 video)
  • Double check how pictures are looking in different kinds of Ad formats (Facebook previews on the right side)
  • Cut the pictures the way you need directly in Facebook interface
  • Write fantastic, inspiring and short text that will attract your potential customers
  • Write oustanding headline with strong call to action – this is very important to think about your coppy – just few words
  • Write easy to remember display link
  • Write inspiring news feed text with 2nd call to action (will be seenable just in some places, for example desktops).
  • Define your call to action button – consider highly what kind fo button suits the best to your campaign
  • Sometimes it is the best option to skip other text and just use very good headline with display link and call to action button
  • Sometimes you can just add to text – Click on the picture to get more information! So, you have double call to action.
  • Carefully check the view of the Ad on mobile, because people click more on mobile and they also spend more time on mobile
  • Now scroll down to the lead form section
  • Activate Facebook pixel on the left down (If you are not using it yet, you will be able to completely set up later in the course)
  • Click on New Form button
  • Choose more volue option (You can also choose higher intent, if you wish, but you will probably get less leads)
  • Name well your Form – you might test different forms in the future
  • Set up the intro (You can skip this, but my experience is to use it and motivate people to give you the lead)
  • Upload the most fantastic image giving your potential client inspiration and feeling of security
  • Fill stunning call to action into the headline
  • Choose bullets for text / arguments (You can also choose the text, but my experience is that bullets are better)
  • Fill into the most important text about what your potential will get – inspire him / persuade him / give him inspiration / give him safe feeling
  • Put your highest effort to client’s attraction to persuade him you are the best option for him
  • Check on the right side of the screen that the form looks very attractive for your potential client
  • Click on questions
  • Carefully decide what information you need about the client – THE LESS YOU ASK, THE BETTER
  • Click on more options and tick what suits you the best
  • Create fantastic headline with strong call to action and also “safety feeling”
  • You can add appoitment online scheduling – that might be great for consultancy business
  • You can also go to settings or multiple custom questions, but please remember – SHORTER = BETTER / SIMPLICITY WINS
  • Click to Settings – Be sure to make this form Open (if possible) – So, people can share it and you can attract more people
  • Check the correct language in your Form Settings
  • Click on Privacy Policy
  • Write some text about client’s data protection to give him very safe feeling – awake trustfulness (We protect your data. We hate SPAM, etc.)
  • Add you Privacy Policy link
  • You can also add the Custom disclaimer, if you need
  • Click on Thank You Screen
  • Fill carefully Headline – Thank you / We will call you / Assure customer / Tell what will happen Now
  • Write great description to let potential customer feel great and assured all is fine
  • Choose button type – probably visit the website / download something special / Watch free video training / Get PDF magnet
  • Fill your link – If you have online booking or online store or online service  – Drive the people directly to this website URL
  • Double check complete form
  • Save the Form
  • Finish the Form
  • Double check complete Ad
  • Scroll down and Confirm the Ad / The Campaign
  • When the Campaign is approved, carefully check how it is starting
  • Carefully work with targetings improvements / Copywriting improvements and using this kind of ads for remarketing (Website, engagement, video views) and of course Lookalike audiences (You will get more information about this during this course)
  • Go to your Facebook Business Page
  • Click on Publishing Tools
  • Click on Leads Ads Forms
  • Download your New Customers / Connect the information directly to CRM
  • Create more forms, if necessary
  • Test different kinds of forms with different call to actions
  • Enjoy the wealth from getting New Clients
  • Take care of your clients – Make them HAPPY – Get positive reviews from them on Social media / Google my business, etc.
  • Be happy!
  • Share the joy with the world around you! Especially with your family!
  • Never underestimate the POWER of Google my business
  • Set it up for you
  • Use the POWER of Google my business to support your Lead Generation Ads

Get more customers with FACEBOOK Lead Ads Now!

Who this course is for:
  • Business owners, B2B, B2C, Local business owners, Everyone wishing more customers for their business, Service providers, Consultants, etc.
Category: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing
Instructor: Ing. Tomas Moravek
Language: English
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