Udemy Coupon-18+ HOURS! Earn a CERTIFICATE, Gain Beginner-To-Advanced Skills in Emotional Intelligence, Go Through 160+ Emotions

Udemy Coupons – Emotional Intelligence Master Class: Complete CERTIFICATION

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Udemy 100% Discount Course | 18+ HOURS! Earn a CERTIFICATE, Gain Beginner-To-Advanced Skills in Emotional Intelligence, Go Through 160+ Emotions.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Access over 160+ Emotional States
  • Become the Best Possible Version of Yourself
  • Effectively Manage Bad Feelings
  • Learn to Amplify Good Emotions 10x Over
  • Learn to Master Your Emotions


  • Be able to Have an Open Mind
  • Time for Self Reflection
  • Time to Watch some of the Videos



This Emotional Intelligence Master Class, Comes with a Certificate upon 100% Completion

The Emotional Intelligence Master Class Course is OVER 18 HOURS LONG and explores over 160+ Emotional States to Master

Have you ever felt frustrated that others didn’t understand you? Do you feel that you could have a bigger impact on others if you could only have more enthusiasm? Are you ever confused about why some people live a life that runs smoother, while you see others who are struggling to get by?

“Human nature dictates that it is virtually impossible to accept advice from someone unless you feel that that person understands you.” -John M. Gottman

The truth is, that people who don’t have access to their fullest range of emotional intelligence are severely disadvantaged in life. People who don’t have available access to their own internal resources are far more likely to develop all kinds of issues, including depression, anxiety, illnesses, substance abuse, and are far more susceptible to committing a crime in their lifetime.

“People who fail to use their emotional intelligence skills are more likely to turn to other, less effective means of managing their mood. They are twice as likely to experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even thoughts of suicide.” –Travis Bradberry

The Fact is, that according to the Famous Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman, OVER 80% of our life success is determined by our level of Emotional Intelligence and our ability to effectively tap into all of our own internal resources.

The Emotional Intelligence Master Class Course explains the importance of having a High EQ, and more importantly,


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In this course, you will find a tried and true framework that is masterfully adept at helping you improve every dimension of your life. There are TONS of Powerful tools and strategies for developing your Emotional Intelligence in this Course. Using the Four Ancient Greek Humors: SanguineCholericMelancholy, and Phlegmatic (Air, Fire, Earth, and Water) we are going to use this ancient system with BRAND NEW techniques that were developed between Jake and one of his personal mentors.

By Completing this Course to 100% Completion, you can Gain Certificate to Prove your Accomplishments

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This is the most comprehensive course on the Practice of Emotional Intelligence on the market. Included in this course are over 160+ Emotions that we explore in-depth and with a high level of comprehension.

By going through this course and walking through these exercises, you are Guaranteed to improve your emotional intelligence. It is scientifically Proven that Improving your level of Emotional Intelligence Will Benefit Your Life in Tremendous ways:

  • Learn to Eliminate Your Anger
  • Overcome Feelings of Depression
  • Reducing Fearfulness
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Mastering Stress Management
  • Managing Overwhelm Through Mindfulness
  • Overcome all Feelings disappointment through finding Resilience
  • and much, much more!

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Who this course is for:

  • Curious People who want to Learn
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be at the Top of Their Emotional Game
  • Parents who want to be More Animated and Friendly
  • Students who Want to have more Success by Becoming more Emotionally Intelligent

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Instructor: Jake Senn
Language: English
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