Udemy Coupon-Learn All About Naturopathy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, on this fully accredited Diploma Course !

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Learn All About Naturopathy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, on this fully accredited Diploma Course !

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Naturopathy Is & How This Can Help People.
  • You will get a personalized Vidya Retreat Certificate after completion of the course (Kindly Leave A Message Regarding).
  • You will learn Mud Therapy.
  • You will learn Colour Therapy.
  • You will learn fire element treatment.
  • You will learn Pranayam.
  • You will learn about secrets of Food Combining.
  • You will learn Raw Juice Therapy
  • You will learn Sprouting.
  • You’ll consider the importance of following a nutrient-dense diet, what can happen when key vitamins and minerals are lacking, and why naturopaths often aim to surpass the recommended daily intakes of vitamins and minerals.
  • You will learn Intermittent Fasting.
  • You will learn Therapeutic Baths, Enema.
  • You will be an expert Nutritionist after taking this course.
  • You’ll learn how to carry out a health assessment, the contraindications you need to be aware of, and how to work safely.
  • Gain confidence in assessing health and creating treatment plans


  • Anyone with an interest in Naturopathy and wants to learn about this wonderful healing tool.
  • Anyone who wishes to know what other alternative therapies complement Naturopathy.


The Naturopathy Diploma Course provides the information you need to take a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to health. You’ll deepen your knowledge of numerous holistic therapies and learn how to follow a constitutional approach to healing, along with how to gain health benefits from your diet.

This course will provide you with the information you need to follow a naturopath approach to health safely and confidently. So, whether you’re completely new to holistic therapies, wanting to expand your knowledge or have studied nutrition and are looking for a way to enhance your diet with holistic therapies to improve your health further, there’s something for you here.

As it is a foundation course, it is an introduction to Naturopathy on a professional level as it provides important information relating to the types of qualifications achievable should you wish to continue your training to a professional level thereafter.

This course can also be used to help you gain further understanding of the therapies to explore for your own self-healing and well-being.

The body has an amazing way of healing itself and those qualified in naturopathy take a holistic approach to health considering the obstacles that prevent healing, removing them and identifying treatments that would start the healing process.

Where mainstream medical treatment looks at the symptoms of any condition, in naturopathy the underlying cause is important and must be established with the belief that symptoms are just manifestations of an inner imbalance. This imbalance may be due to emotional, physical or mental causes. Treatment plans are gentle and the primary role of any professional naturopath is to educate, enabling patients to take responsibility for their own health by embracing a healthier way of life.

Using a range of alternative methods of diagnosis, a Naturopath can often successfully pin-point a predisposition in the body, before the onset of acute disease, and treat the patient with specific therapies and changes in the patient’s lifestyle.

The principles of Naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine in about 400 BC. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates believed in viewing the whole person in regards to finding a cause of disease, and using the laws of nature to induce cure. It was from this original school of thought that Naturopathy takes its principles.

  • The healing power of nature – nature has the innate ability to heal
  • Identify and treat the cause – there is always an underlying cause, be it physical or emotional
  • Do no harm – a Naturopath will never use treatments that may create other conditions
  • Treat the whole person – when preparing a treatment plan, all aspects of a person’s being are taken into consideration
  • The Naturopath as a teacher – a Naturopath empowers the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health by teaching self-care
  • Prevention is better than cure – a Naturopath may remove toxic substances and situations from a patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of further disease.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of naturopathy and help you gain further understanding of the therapies to explore for your own self-healing and well-being.
  • Those who wishes to learn about several healing modalities

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Instructor: Dr. Himani Sharma
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