Udemy Coupon-Business Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialist Managers

Udemy Coupons – Business Accounting & Finance for Non-Specialist Managers

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Udemy 100% Discount Course | Understand business finance and the effect it has on business operations.

What you’ll learn
  • A foundation in financial aspects of a business
  • Understand financial statements
  • Analyse the financial performance of a business
  • Make decisions based on financial information
  • How to control money in the business
  • Basic mathematics of adding, subtracting, multiplication and division
  • Understanding of business organisation and structure

This course will provide you with a firm foundation in business finance matters for the non-specialist manager or student. The course will cover three key areas – finance, financial accounting, and management accounting. The course will not cover in-depth bookkeeping and the double-entry accounting system, other than an explanation of how the system works. Students and managers taking this course will learn how to understand financial statements produced for internal and external managerial purposes. The course will teach the effect of money on business operations, managing finance, and the decision-making process.

The course has been designed to enable the student to work at their own pace and independently. There is also the benefit of practical experience through assignments and examples. Each topic is presented at a suitable level for those that are approaching business accounting and finance for the first time. The course ends with a practice test to recap on the topics covered. This course is ideal for managers running a business or department and students at undergraduate or diploma level. The term non-specialist means a career in different business areas like business management, retail, hospitality, marketing, HR, sales, engineering and so forth. But all managers, whatever department they are running, require a good understanding of business finance that they will have at least some responsibility for.

Who this course is for:
  • Business students
  • Finance managers
  • Business owners
  • Department managers
Category: Business, Finance, Management Accounting
Instructor: Anthony Dixon
Language: English
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