Udemy Coupon-Stress Management Simplified by Pallabi Bhagawati

Udemy Couons – Stress Management Simplified by Pallabi Bhagawati

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Udemy 100% Off Coupon Course | Transform anger to kindness, anxiety to awareness, grief to happiness with the power of meditation,focus & mindfulness.

What you’ll learn
  • learn to practice meditations
  • mindfulness exercises for stress release
  • effective breathing exercises for anxiety and depression
  • students will be able to practice some of the profound mindfulness meditations
  • student will learn to use breath as an effective tool to release tension and stress
  • lower anxiety and depression level
  • increase ability to focus
  • learn to be happier under stressful situation by letting go
  • open mind to meditate
  • strong desire to overcome stress and liberate
  • students should have basic knowledge of internet and computer application
  • for best results student are suggested to use headphones

          “We accumulate stress by not being mindful in accumulating our material and emotional possessions”

Stress can be, well, stressful. It comes at us from all angles, and sometimes can make life and work much more difficult than it needs to be. This  amazing stress management course teaches positive and easy-to-learn coping strategies to help you manage stress. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify the right coping strategy to use in different stressful situations. This can be your ticket to a much easier and happier day both at work and home.

In this course I have added three major components to help you with stress management. MEDITATIONS, BREATHING TECHNIQUES AND GUIDED VISUALIZATION.



There are six modules in this course excluding the introductory sessions where I have mentioned about the purpose of the course followed by methodology. Each of the six modules are designed to help you go though a different levels of stress management mindfulness techniques. Each of those modules will contain either one or all of these three components viz. a breathing technique, a guided visualization or a hypothetical situation which is designed to walk you through a particular situation leading to a liberating outcome.



I am hopeful that as student you will surely be benefited by this course carefully designed to help you overcome your stress, anxiety and depression. At the end of the course you will be;

  1. Able to re-establish a peaceful connection with your inner self
  2. Rediscover your inner natural ability to combat stress
  3. Learn to understand stress so that you can manage it as per your convenience
  4. Become more clear about your self and about your priorities
  5. Be able to let go of what is to be let go of
  6. Regular practice of the course materials will surely increase your focus and power of will which will in turn help you to take some of the most desired decisions in order to bring yourself out of stressful situation.
  7. This course will sow seeds of calmness within you
  8. Loving kindness and compassion
  9. Bring inner awareness and self love
  10. Estimate the level of stress before you run out of time to manage it.



This course id literally for everyone who wants freedom from stress and anxiety and establish that pleasant calmness in life. Anyone, starting from an entrepreneur who wants to be successful in business but has stress, a parent who want to give their best to the kids but having a hard time lately, a student aspiring a bright future but see fog all the way through as long as he expands his imaginations, all of you can be part of this course.


Who this course is for:
  • anyone who want a conscious liberating change in life
  • beginner and intermediate meditation enthusiasts
  • entrepreneurs who wants to excel in business but facing stress at work
  • parents who wants to give more to their kids but having a hard time lately
  • students who wants a bright future but feeling clueless
  • seeker of spiritual awareness
Category: Health & Fitness, Meditation, Mindfulness
Instructor: Pallabi Bhagawati
Language: English
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