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The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships.

Learning how to deepen and nurture that for ever love with Hailey Patry.

What Will I Learn?

  • Language to help you describe what you want in your relationship
  • A process to assist you achieve more of the love you want in your relationship


  • You want to explore healthy loving relationship with your partner
  • You know you deserve love, happiness and respect in you relationship


The Guide to Extraordinary Relationships  with Hailey Patry

Learning how to deepen and nurture that for ever love

Having that Special Loving Relationship has been created to help you complete your relationship, step into the love your desire, experience more love and happiness and manifest your love future… starting right now! This course is for you to start loving yourself and your partner again, and feel empowered, despite the many challenges you have faced. You get to reframe your love life  and find the blessings in the mess.

As a survivor of rape, cancer, abuse and serious depression, I have lived this several times in several parts of my life.

Ultimately, you will be more excited about your current and future love life and more satisfied with your partner and your  life.

Hailey lives west of Toronto ON Canada with her husband and three boys.

Who is the target audience?

  • You want to have more ease and quality in your relationship
  • You want to have more love in your relationship
  • Anyone wanting a higher quality of love with their partner

Category: Personal Development, Parenting & Relationships, Love

Instructor: Michael Ballard, Hailey Patry

Language: English

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