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Qi Gong – Reconnect to your Body.

Simple Exercises to get in Touch with Yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • Reconnect to your body.
  • Be in the present moment.
  • Stop thinking too much.
  • Become happier.


  • No requirements.


In this Qi Gong course I will show you some simple exercises that you can apply in your everyday life and that will help you get in touch with your body again.

We live in a world governed by technology and that has taken us apart from what we truly are and what we were truly meant to be.

We watch too much TV, we go too much on the internet, we think too much and we end up living 95% of our time in our heads because there is so much we have to do right?

Well, I think that there is not that much to do but we tend to overcomplicate things and that ends up deriving in stress, anxiety, depression etc.

I will show you some simple but powerful exercises that will help you stay in touch with your body and energy.

Remember, life doesn’t happen in the mind, life happens through the body.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who want to improve their quality of life.
Category: Health & Fitness, Meditation, Qi Gong
Instructor: Joseph Boix
Language: English
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