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Photoshop CC 2018 for Absolute Beginners.

Learn the fundamentals that will apply no matter what industry you’re in.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to customize Photoshop and make it your own
  • Understand basic digital imaging concepts
  • The most useful keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity and workflow speed
  • How to make a variety of selections
  • Basic Compositing
  • How to crop, transform, and warp your images
  • Eliminate things like scars and other blemishes from photos
  • Manipulate body parts within an image via puppet warping
  • Use the patch tool to get rid of unwanted objects in images
  • How to add text and customize it within a photo


  • A subscription to Photoshop CC


The design of this course is simple. It’s meant to give you the need-to-know information for you to get a firm foundational understanding of how to use Photoshop. Regardless of the industry, be it web design, photography, or character modelling, chances are you’re going to need to use most of the tools covered in this course.

Who is the target audience?

  • Creative professionals who want to get a handle on the industry-standard tool for digital illustration, photo retouching, and design
  • Influencers who need to get a handle on Photoshop to start making amazing photo posts
  • Creators who want to create thumbnails that make their videos standout
Category: Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop
Instructor: Andrew Holloway
Language: English
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