Personal Transformation : Live with Thankfulness in 4 days

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Personal Transformation : Live with Thankfulness in 4 days Course

Personal Transformation : Live with Thankfulness in 4 days

Udemy Free For Limited Time Course: Personal Transformation : Live with Thankfulness in 4 days.

Achieve Personal Transformation by living with thankfulness in 4 days .

What you’ll learn

  • In this course, rather than just learning, you will be able to practice thankfulness prayer and start writing Thankfulness journal everyday. At the end of this course, you will be able to learn and implement thankfulness in your lives which in turn, will drastically change the dynamics of life and help you achieve personal transformation.
  • At the end of Day 1, you will understand what is thankfulness, what are the elements of thankfulness, what are the factors which stop us from living with gratitude, what are the benefits of thankfulness and how thankfulness upgrades our lives.
  • Day 2 is about building thankfulness where you will be aware of some incidents and instances of life for which they should be thankful.
  • Day 3, you will be able to implement Thankfulness where you will be given access to thankfulness prayer which they can download and store in any device and practice daily.
  • Day 4, you will be aware of Thankfulness Journal, where you will learn what is a thankfulness journal and how to use the same and make it a practice.
  • So, in four days, the course will empower you with all the tools and techniques required to practice thankfulness.


  • Being activity based training, the participants must have the intent to complete each activity when told.
  • An open mind to learn and practice.
  • You need to have access to a printer to print the activity book.
  • A fresh Notebook to create a thankfulness journal and a pen
  • A headphone to practice thankfulness prayer.


Personal Transformation happens when you know what to change or develop or when you chalk down a transformational roadmap and start implementing. And you can only do that when two things happen :

  1. You are motivated to change and
  2. You know what you have and what to change

As you know, there are two sides of everything, when you see what you have in a negative way, the chances of staying motivated reduce and hence reducing the chances of personal transformation as well.

The first step to any personal transformation is the feeling of satisfaction and the feeling of happiness. And it can only happen when you are happily accept what you have. So, thankfulness can be named as the first step to personal transformation.

With this short course on Start Living with Thankfulness in 4 days, you will be:

  • Aware of what Thankfulness is
  • Knowing what are the benefits of thankfulness
  • Understanding why we are not Thankful
  • Aware of how thankfulness transforms us or upgrades us
  • Building Thankfulness
  • Practice Daily Thankfulness Prayer
  • Start Writing Thankfulness Journal
  • and much more

In this course, you will be getting :

  1. 13 lectures
  2. More than 1 hour of content
  3. Scientifically designed modules to be completed in 4 days
  4. Understand the areas of life.
  5. Downloadable MP3 on Thankfulness Prayer for Daily Practice
  6. Activity Book to support your learning
  7. Additional Resources to dig deep learning
  8. Support via Message  – expect a reply in next 48 hours.

So, I welcome you to this first step towards personal transformation – start living with thankfulness in 4 days. The benefits of thankfulness is really huge and it positively affects all areas of life – be in intellectual, or financial, or relationships, or emotions, or handling stress – whatever it be, thankfulness plays a vital role everywhere in life.

Please note :

  • Thankfulness or Thankfulness Prayer has nothing to do with any religion.
  • It has only link with you as a person.
  • This course must be completed in 4 days only. Please don’t rush.
  • This course can only be effective if you practice thankfulness daily.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is open for anyone but as its based on life experiences, it will be more effective for participants above age 28.

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Instructor: Shouvik Lahiri
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