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On Location Portrait Photography Your Best Pictures Anywhere.

Learn how to take the most out of every location for your photoshoots and 50+ Examples of on location photoshoots.

What Will I Learn?

  • Take amazing pictures everywhere they go
  • Find great locations for their photoshoots


  • Basic Photography Experience


Do you struggle taking pictures on location? Do you feel stuck finding the right spot to take picture? Do you always go to the same spot take pictures of your clients? THEN THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

In this course we will talk about all the topics when it comes to on location photography. We will talk about what spots are good and bad and what you should be looking for when you go somewhere to do a photoshoot. We will talk about things within a location that can help you take better pictures and things that can help pose you models. We will also talk about using effects like shallow dept of field and lighting to make a bad location look more interesting.

You will also get to see 50+ examples of photoshoots I did on location and I will explain my thought process for choosing that spot to take the pictures.

You can take amazing images just about anywhere you go, you just need to know the tools that pro photographer use to make a location that looks simple have some amazing images.

Who is the target audience?

  • Any Portrait Photographer who wants to take better pictures anywhere

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Instructor: Indie Media

Language: English

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