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Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline.

Implement and integrate Jenkins continuous integration CI with Amazon AWS Beanstalk using Github. DevOps in action.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn complete Jenkins CI/CD pipeline implementation an Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Learn Github integration with Jenkins and Amazon AWS
  • Deploy Python and PHP applications using Github using Jenkins CI/CD build automation on AWS Beanstalk
  • Gain solid understanding of DevOps concepts along with software development lifecycle
  • Be able to fully master and integrate your application with Github, Jenkins CI, and Amazon AWS Beanstalk
  • Learn to use SSH Shell and basic Linux commands


  • AWS account is required. You need a credit card, then choose FREE Tier AWS account.
  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts such a object oriented programming is diserable
  • Understanding of basic HTML and CSS is also desireable
  • Basic understanding of software development lifecycle is also desirable, but not required
  • Knowledge of basic Linux commands is helpful


In the world of DevOps automation and Auto Devops, Big Data Analytics, and Enterprise Cloud Applications, developing and managing enterprise grade applications has become a challenge!

Jenkins continuous integration and continuous delivery capabilities along with robust Amazon AWS platform is a powerful combination and provides a seamless solution to implementing a Devops lifecycle.

Welcome to Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline course, bringing you the latest technologies with up-to-date knowledge.

Do if you or your company are facing challenges with enterprise app deployment or would like to learn how to automate software delivery using Jenkins Continuous Integration with Amazon AWS Beanstalk and Github as source repository? Look no further – The Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline  course will help you gain solid understanding of all these concepts along with hand-on application in a flipped classroom manner!

Course Description

Are you a company or a App DeveloperData Analyst, Business Analyst, Web DeveloperIT administratorData Center ArchitectProject Manager, Enterprise Architect, or Programmer? and want to gain fundamental and intermediate level skills and enjoy a fascinating high paying career?

Or maybe you just want to learn additional tips and techniques taking to a whole new level?

Welcome to Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline  course – A specialized course!

It is not only a comprehensive hands-on course with detailed concepts and their application, you are will not find a course similar to this. The flipped classroom model with hand-on learning will help you experience direct  into the course as your begin your learning journey.

In this course, you’ll learn and practice:

  1. Setting up Amazon AWS Environment from scratch
  2. Installing Java jdk, NGINX, Elastic beanstalk CLI
  3. Configuring AWS instances with security groups and roles
  4. Install Jenkins using AWS Shell and implement a build server for Continuous Integration
  5. Connect Gihub as source repository for Python and PHP applications
  6. Deploy an AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Jenkins CI, complete Devops pipeline, and much more….

You will also get valuable resources with this course!

So, if you would like to:

– gain solid understanding of Amazon AWS (AWS Beanstalk, EBCLI, Jenkins CI/CD, Github, Linux SSH Shell), this course is for you

– gain marketable skills as an IT expert and professional, this course is for you

– This course is not designed for advanced level students

…this Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline course is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a certification of completion)

See what our students say “It is such a comprehensive course that I don’t need to take any other course but this one to learn all important concepts and hand-on application with this Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline course, and I would without a doubt recommend it to everyone.” – Sajid Ahmed

“This is such an awesome course. Clear instruction, and I loved every bit of it – Wonderful learning experience!”  Jennifer Stevens.

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Why take this course?

As a senior Enterprise Architect & Project Manager managing and deploying enterprise level IT projects, along with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer & Trainer, my experience with AWS has been phenomenally great! I am excited to share my knowledge and transfer skills to my students.

Enroll now in Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline course today and revolutionize your learning. Stay at the cutting edge of Devops – and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

See you in class!

Syed & Team ClayDesk

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginner level programmers and developers who want to master running Jenkins on AWS and build a complete pipeline
  • IT beginner level students who would like to gain solid understanding of DevOps life cycle
  • Anyone who wants to learn Jenkins continuous integration pipeline running on AWS Beanstalk
  • Beginner IT professionals who want to master end to end Jenkins CI on Amazon AWS
  • Intermediate level students who want to brush up their skills and learn additional techniques
Category: Development, Web Development, Continuous Integration
Instructor: Syed Raza, ClayDesk E-learning, Qasim Shah, Syed Ali
Language: English
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