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Learn To Create Effective Business Proposal.

Learn to create winning business proposal for your ideas and become a great achiever in life.

What Will I Learn?

  • Able to create effective business proposal and how to present it to management
  • Able to start new business with systematic thinking and execution
  • Able to advance career in the corporate environment


  • Able to understand English
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This course will teach you how to create a good business proposal that covers important aspects and contents that must be included in the proposal to convince your audiences (management executives, investors, peers)¬† to fully support your ideas and help you achieve your goal. And you will see the real business proposals that my team uses in presenting Vending Machine project and Restaurant project that were approved to “Go Ahead” by the CEO and Chairman of the company.

The Learnings and Value that you will get from this course, are as below;

1. Create concept for your business ideas

2. How to do market analysis

3. Unique Value Proposition and Differentiation

4. Come up with Strategy

5. Financial Forecasting

6. Income Statement Creation

7. Marketing Strategy

8. Proposal Presentation Techniques

And you will also get Business proposal  templates for two different type of projects (Vending Machine and Restaurant Projects) for you to use in the future. I believe you will be able to excel your entrepreneurial journey or advance your career with the skills and knowledge you will get from this course.

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Who is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneur who has ideas to start new businesses
  • MBA Students or Newly Graduates who are looking for a job in mid level career
  • Management executives who seek to learn to create business proposal and how to present it to CEO/President

Category: Business, Management, Business Development

Instructor: Lawt Aung

Language: English

Price: $99.99 Free (100 % off coupon code) ENROLL NOW