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JavaScript Guide: The Complete Guide to Master JavaScript.

JavaScript from Beginner to Advanced – The Only Guide you NEED to Learn JavaScript with Projects: DOM, ES6, AJAX & more.

What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to understand any JavaScript code.
  • Be able to use JavaScript without the help of libraries
  • Be able to solve real world problems you face as a developer
  • Master ES6
  • Master JavaScript DOM
  • Master JavaScript BOM
  • Master AJAX
  • Be able to create your own JavaScript library
  • Master Functions in JavaScript and so much more!


  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • A computer and some motivation


The Only Guide you NEED to Learn JavaScript – Learn JavaScript by Doing.

If you want to become a front-end developer or a full stack developer,

You must learn JavaScript, 

This programming language (JavaScript) is used by every giant web applications, like Facebook,

Receiving messages in real time, notifications, loading new content without having to refresh the page, well this is done with JavaScript,

It is used in google maps, gmail, believe me, JavaScript is everywhere.

You can even make games with JavaScript, like the games you see on the browser!

And also, JavaScript is not just limited to the web browser,

It also runs on the server using nodeJS,

So you can create a complete website from front end to back end with just JavaScript,

And if you think this is too much for JavaScript,

Well it is not, you can even create desktop applications using JavaScript, for example, brackets the text editor is created using JavaScript,

This course is about JavaScript the programming language, in this course you will not learn about frameworks like JQuery or React,

this course will teach everything you need to know about JavaScript,

I see lot of web developers avoid using vanilla JavaScript, that’s because they don’t have a solid foundation, they just use libraries and don’t even know how these JavaScript libraries are created,

The creators of famous JavaScript libraries are not from planet mars, if they could create a great JavaScript library, I believe you can do it to,

and in this course, I will teach you EVERYTHING about JavaScript, 

every line of code we write in this course will be just vanilla JavaScript, we will start off with the basics then move to really advanced concepts,

****here’s what you will learn in this course*****:

– Fundamental Concepts.

– Master JavaScript Arrays.

– Master JavaScript Objects.

– Master JavaScript DOM.

– Master JavaScript BOM.

– Master ES6.

– Master JavaScript  OOP.

– Projects.

– Challenges.

– Quizzes

and the list is long…

this course will teach you everything you need to know to become a JavaScript expert, and it contains lot of challenges, so you will be learning and challenging your skills at the same time, you must practice to learn, that’s the rule to master anything in life, I will also teach you how to become a self-taught developer, how to look for answers when you get stuck …!


If you’re a beginner, this course is for you, if you are an experienced developer, this course is also for you, I mean you will learn things even experienced developers don’t know!

So are you ready to learn this awesome programming language?

I hope you are! See you soon!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to master JavaScript the programming language
  • Anyone who wants to have a solid foundation of JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to master JavaScript Arrays
  • Anyone who wants to master JavaScript Objects
  • Anyone who wants to master JavaScript Functions
  • Anyone who wants to know how JavaScript libraries are created with Vanilla JS code
  • Anyone who wants to take his/her JavaScript skills to the next level

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Instructor: Hichem Med

Language: English

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