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Increase your profits by selling value rather than time.

Increase profits by up to 66% by changing your pricing and selling strategy.

What you’ll learn

  • Significantly increase your profits by talking value to your clients rather than selling time or fixed project fees


  • You will be selling your time in some form or another and want to become more profitable


Traditionally, agencies have sold their time or fixed project based fees to clients. This approach no longer works. There is a fundamental mismatch between what the client is buying (certainly not your time) and what you are selling them.

Having worked with many agencies over the past 13 years, I know most agencies still sell this way but if you can align your product/service to the client’s needs, desires and pain points, then you will be able charge bigger fees and become a more profitable business.

In this short course I want to share with you a much better way that generates more profits and less stress in your agency.

The course will:

  • Look at the 3 traditional ways agencies sell, and why they are no longer fit for purpose
  • Outline the concepts of value selling and how this will build much stronger relationships with your clients
  • Teach you how to better understand your clients, so you speak their language – especially when selling
  • How taking a value pricing and selling approach will significantly increase your profits almost immediately
  • How and when to have the value conversation with your clients
  • How to use pricing anchoring to get the best deal from the client
  • Outline some common objections and barriers you may have about switching your pricing model to a value based model

By the end of this course you will have some new tools, downloads and techniques to attract the ideal customers, confidently charge higher fees and generate more profits.

Using the tools and concepts within this course, Rob has helped one of his clients, Pedroza Communications increase their profits by 66%.

MD, Anna Pedroza commented “Rob supported me to evolve our proposals and costings to sell on value rather than time. This has had a significant impact on the bottom line: after evaluating the profitability of the business, he has helped us increase profits by 66%.”

Who is the target audience?

  • Any agency owner or freelancer who sales their time will benefit from taking this course

Category: Business, Entrepreneurship, Pricing

Instructor: Robert Da Costa

Language: English

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