How To Start A Writing Business

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How To Start A Writing Business

How To Start A Writing Business From Home.

How the 3 most common myths about writing are keeping you stuck and broke and how you can build a lucrative career as a writer.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why you don’t need to be a traditionally published author to make a living as a freelance writer


  • Be a good writer with excellent grammar and good writing style


Imagine being paid for writing that doesn’t involve:

– Repeated and soul-crushing rejections from publishers

– Constantly pitching magazines and newspapers

– Entering writing competitions that waste time and often charge you a fee to enter

– Being paid peanuts for content sites!

– Struggling to get clients

If any of this sounds familiar, then this is for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✒ The 3 most common myths that are keeping you stuck and broke!

✒ Why you DON’T need to be a published author to get started!

✒ How anyone with a good writing ability can create a writing business from home

✒ The Niche That Almost No-one Is Talking About

✒ How You Can Land Clients Within A Week

✒ How To Avoid The Boom & Bust Cycles of Freelancing

So if you’re looking to make money from writing and don’t know how or where to begin, or you’re thinking of waiting until your book is published, I’m here to tell you there is a much better way!

This course is actually a recording of a webinar I did to help you understand how you can make money writing from home without having to go through publishers or get published, without pitching magazines and without having to enter writing competitions!

I’ve also included the overview videos of my course which is available here on Udemy so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you 🙂

Please be aware that the webinar recording is the LAST lecture in this course as per Udemy rules. The first few videos are in fact a summary and overview of my paid course which is available on Udemy.

Who is the target audience?

  • Writers looking to make money from their skill and complete beginners who would like to start a business from home
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