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Digital Strategy: Timeless Principles of Disruption.

Digital Strategy, Software Strategy, and Disruption principles from Tech Titans, Entrepreneurs, and Business Thinkers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Make accurate 2-4 year predictions about key trends in any area of the software industry.
  • Defeat larger and more established incumbents with “disruptive” market entry techniques.
  • Develop a product or business strategy that will remain valid for years.
  • Use strategic principles to identify and exploit weaknesses in existing or competing products.
  • Understand how to “think exponentially”.
  • Avoid “beginner’s mistakes” in software strategy development, and recognize a faulty strategy.
  • Impress clients, colleagues, and bosses with your extensive historical knowledge of the software industry.


  • Basic familiarity with the software industry or any technology-intensive industry
  • Some experience with software product design, development, or marketing
  • Ability to interpret simple graphs, charts, and tables
  • Be a good listener
  • Enjoy thinking deeply


I wish a course like this had existed 20 years ago! I will teach you how to avoid dozens of mistakes made by  entrepreneurs, digital strategists, aspiring disruptors, product developers, and strategic planners, and how to think far ahead of the competition.

The course identifies 8 core principles (“laws”) that drive the evolution of the software industry, and shows how a software strategist applies them to craft digital strategy and to disrupt industries. It condenses the collective experience of the software industry over the last 40 years into these 8 laws plus an integrated 6-layer model that is powerful while being simple to understand and apply.

These principles should be compulsory knowledge for any tech entrepreneur, product strategist, or strategy consultant.

Using the 6-layer model combined with the 8 fundamental “laws” you will:

  • Be able to predict key elements of the future of your segment or niche with a high degree of accuracy, so as to make much better decisions today;
  • Design (or redesign) and position your product or service so that the inherent structure and dynamics of technology work for you and not against you;
  • Know how to identify opportunities for disruption of incumbents, and which strategies to apply when entering such “disruptable” markets;
  • Understand how to position your product or service for long-term success, particularly when you are facing larger and better funded competitors;
  • Become hype-resistant. Be able to understand the underlying mechanisms of new products and services and understand what is likely to be short-lived and what may be here to stay;
  • Solve the too-much-information problem! Leverage a robust mental framework that helps you sift through the flood of news and information we are all inundated with.
  • Impress colleagues, managers, and clients with your deep insights on competitive dynamics and technology evolution;

Who is the target audience?

  • Technology entrepreneurs, product strategists, and strategy consultants.
  • Engineers or software developers who have recently been given management or strategic roles/responsibilities.
  • This course is NOT for software developers seeking technical development strategies.
  • This course is NOT for marketing personnel seeking marketing strategies or tactics.
  • This course is NOT about “digital transformation” of existing companies…therefore it may not be ideal for a CxO trying to change an existing organization.

Category: Business, Strategy, Digital Strategy

Instructor: Wole Lawani

Language: English

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