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Career and Life Planning.

Getting clear on your dream career, navigating careers to help you take the next step.

What Will I Learn?

  • Narrow down the search for a career that fits within your personality style.
  • Be able to evaluate, organize, and enrich your career journey.
  • Understand the decision making process in an easy to use 6 step foundation.
  • Learn how to succeed at your interview before you even get there!
  • Gain basic understanding of resume building.


  • An open mind
  • Writing utinsel of your choice and something to write on
  • Curiosity about yourself and navigating careers


This is a course for people who are:

  • Just tired of their current career or job.
  • New graduates from high school who are exploring the realm of the job market.
  • College students who can’t narrow down a major.
  • People who think it’s too late to change their career choice.

These are my objectives for teaching this to you:

  • Be able to evaluateorganize, and enrich your career journey.
  • Acknowledge the role that your skillsvaluespersonality and experiences play in your career decision.
  • Understand the decision making process in an easy to use 6 step foundation.
  • Gain basic understanding of resume building.
  • Learn how to succeed at your interview before you even get there!

I hope to see you on this journey!

– Taylor Garff

Who is the target audience?

  • Great for high school seniors looking into college or a career path (or even as a gift for graduation).
  • People who would like to gain insight into various career opportunities.
  • Those in college looking to understand their career development and major emphasis.

Category: Personal Development, Career Development

Instructor: Taylor Garff

Language: English

Price: $34.99 Free (100 % off coupon code) ENROLL NOW