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Blues Guitar Basics and More, Learn Rhythm and Lead Guitar!

Learn to play awesome sounding blues guitar quickly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Sound great playing blues guitar
  • Learn a wide range of blues rhythm and lead techniques!


  • Basic guitar knowledge
  • Electric or Acoustic guitar


Blues Guitar Master Class!

Learn to play blues guitar like a pro.

Course is for beginners all the way to advanced students looking to improve their knowledge of blues guitar.

These blues guitar rhythm lessons start with playing a traditional shuffle, but take it to the next level.

In addition, you will also learn to develop a foundation for playing blues lead guitar. We start with learning the blues scale, and learn how to improvise solos in every key. This will help improve your guitar playing and give you a better understanding of the notes on the neck.


Learn some of the most popular blues guitar riffs, the real way they are played – not a generic wanna be blues guitar style.

Learn to play like BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan and much more!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn great sounding blues guitar
  • Anyone who wants to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan or B.B. King
  • Anyone looking to learn blues chords and scales quickly

Category: Music, Instruments, Blues Guitar

Instructor: Chris Phillips

Language: English

Price: $44.99 Free (100 % off coupon code) ENROLL NOW