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Blockchain for Business: A New Hands-on Approach.

Understand the principles of Blockchain, and learn how to Build Successful Business Models based on this technnology.

What you’ll learn

  • Know the key concepts of Blockchain.
  • Be able to explore how that technology could impact your business in the future.
  • Be faster and more efficient than your competitors in the identifying and managing this Tech Trend.
  • Learn how to create disruptive business models based on Blockchain.
  • Develop innovative business models that help companies of any size, from startups to large corporations, to grow.


  • No special requirements to be fulfilled, but having some business and/or technical experience would be very useful


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The blockchain market is extremely hot. In fact, one of the latest reports by KD Market Insights called “Worldwide Blockchain Market 2018 to 2024” describes a market size that can reach $60 billion in the coming years.

Exciting, right? Can you imagine capturing just a percentage of this money with a new business model? Or finding a job to lead a new blockchain business unit within a larger corporation? Well, that is the main objective of this course: to explain to you in a very practical way the technical principles of Blockchain, along with the necessary methodology to create successful business models based on this technology.

To do so, in the first part of the course, we will give you a detailed understanding of Blockchain technology covering the following key topics: public key cryptography, hash functions, blocks, the Chain and peer to peer networks.

Next, we will discuss about the future of Blockchain, especially about smart contracts.

And, finally, we will practice building specific business models based on Blockchain. We will use the Canvas method, a simple tool for designing innovative Business Models based on nine essential components: value proposition of our blockchain solution, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, resources, activities, partnerships, revenue stream and costs structure.

Blockchain experts are in short supply and hot demand. In this course, you will learn why the blockchain market is hot and how to take advantage of the current skills shortage by:

—Understanding the key technical principles of Blockchain.

—Exploring how this technology can impact businesses in the short, medium, and long term.

—Being more agile than your competitors in identifying and managing this technological trend.

— Developing disruptive business models supported by Blockchain.

As you know, it is important that businesses are managed by thinking about what the market will be like tomorrow. Understanding the latest technological trends like Blockchain will allow you to anticipate the changes that will occur and develop new business models that can generate growth.

Are you ready to be part of the Blockchain Revolution? Great! Then enroll now and start creating winning business models based on this technology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Business Model Canvas is licensed as Creative Commons. Enjoy it and adapt it freely, as long as you reference with citation “Strategyzer .com” and share your work under the same license.

Who is the target audience?

  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Start-ups
  • Strategic Consultants
  • C Level people
  • Sales People
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge in Blockchain
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge in building Business Models
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