SIMPLE Awesome Quantum Energy Technique anyone can learn

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SIMPLE Awesome Quantum Energy Technique anyone can learn

Udemy Free For Limited Time Course | SIMPLE Awesome Quantum Energy Technique anyone can learn.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand what an ENERGY BEING IS by having a HUMAN experience.
  • Learning what vibrations and frequencies are and how they are related and affects our lives every moment.
  • What are parallel realities and how do we fit in .
  • Learning the importances of being in the NOW. All healing can only take place from the NOW moment.
  • Understanding that we are reborn energetically every moment and are created in the image of our creator.
  • That AT EVERY NEW MOMENT WE ARE ALWAYS PERFECT…until we forget and dwell into our past or future and then the drama starts
  • Learn that Reality is meaningless until we give it our meaning and it then becomes our behaviour and truth.
  • With the understanding of vibrations and frequencies we can heal every aspect of our lives, pass TRAUMAS and Stress.
  • Understanding that every relationship we have is an opportunity to heal ourselves with them
  • Learn to FREE yourself from EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL PAINS quickly when you learn & apply the techniques correctly
  • Plus MUCH MUCH more ++++++


  • MUST BE OPEN MINDED….a curiosity mind, like a child, wanting to know more and explore
  • Must be prepared to watch the training videos several times until you grasp the concepts shared


From Arram Kong’s 22 years experience in the Energy Healing Field, he founded “Arram Kong Healing Academy”. This  course is created by him and  aimed atthose who desire to live a  Stress and Emotional  FREE existence . If you are a NEWBIE , you will be fascinated with these techniques , it will be magic to you. For the seasoned therapist, there are techniques in the course you have never come across before and will be useful in your additional tools for your practice.

This powerful course is designed to allow you to have a  stress free, joyous, peaceful and abundant  life. It allows you a greater understanding to what the purpose of life is. These simple powerful techniques created by Arram  are to serve you in every area of your life.

Arram’s easy to learn modules include:

  • Introduction. We are  Energy Vibrational Beings first, having a Physical experience.
  • What the 10 Spiritual  laws are and how it is applicable to every area of our existence.
  • What is the purpose of us being in the physical world
  • Reality is meaningless waiting for you to give it your meaning and it becomes our reality.
  • Learning to live in the present MOMENT.
  • The past and future are illusions
  • How to systemically resolve all past traumas that have been holding us prisoners
  • Nobody can upset you except you.
  • How to beat your addictions. e,g, smoking, shopping, drugs, gambling, porn, binge eating & drinking plus any excessive behaviour,
  • Every word carries frequencies and you are taught to catch yourself and  change into a positive word
  • All videos are live session, you get to see how Arram work.

When you sign up for the course as a BONUS you will receive a 50% off max 2 Healing sessions with Arram.

Who this course is for:

  • ANYONE looking for answers. Why is life so unbalance? Why is there so much suffering? Life is unfair !
  • People who are dissatisfied with their current situations !
  • People with have a desire to heal themselves and also help others

Category: Personal Development, Personal Transformation, Energy Healing
Instructor: Arram Kong
Language: English
Price: Free (Free For Limited Time) ENROLL NOW