Advanced Email Marketing Using Facebook Marketing

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Advanced Email Marketing Using Facebook Marketing Course

Advanced Email Marketing Using Facebook Marketing

Udemy Free For Limited Time Course: Advanced Email Marketing Using Facebook Marketing.

Use Facebook Marketing for Email Marketing and Email List Building: Advanced Techniques to Massively Grow Any Business.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain huge numbers of new email subscribers cheaply and easily
  • Become a freelance marketer specializing in building email lists using Facebook
  • Connect with new audiences for less money than traditional digital marketing
  • Master growing your email list exponentially over time so you can sell more of your products or service
  • Learn advanced Facebook marketing techniques that can be used to grow any business
  • How to install and use Facebook pixel tracking to split test any ads and increase cost efficiency


  • Students should be familiar with Facebook ads
  • Students should have a Facebook account set up with Ads Manager


What if there was a type of marketing that cost almost nothing, yet could guarantee more customers than television, radio, pay per click, organic search and social media marketing combined? There is: Email lists. Email marketing and Facebook marketing go hand-in-hand to create the most powerful digital marketing strategy out there, and yet email marketing and Facebook marketing are routinely seen as separate and unrelated.

But no other method of marketing has been shown to so effectively lead to more conversions than an email list of engaged subscribers.

In this course I will show you:

  • How to double and then triple your email subscriber list in a short amount of time
  • How to leverage Facebook’s incredibly powerful marketing tools to find new audiences cheaply and quickly
  • The most powerful marketing tools Facebook has to offer, that can be used to grow any business, not just email lists
  • How to mimic the large corporations’ advertising methods used to grow their subscriber lists
  • How to handle all the technical aspects of Facebook tools yourself, or where to find freelancers that can do it cheaply for you

This course is meant for those that have grown beyond basic Facebook advertising and want the most powerful tools the platform has made available to everyone. Make no mistake: Facebook marketing is complex, and the only people that take full advantage of it are the large corporations that hire the most expensive marketing firms. But even they cannot compete with powerful email marketing. A devoted following of email subscribers is the most powerful marketing force ever, and can make the difference between a small business getting by, and a small business growing into a multi-million dollar operation.

I made this course with the small business entrepreneur and solopreneur in mind, but have gotten feedback that it can be used by people who wish to hire themselves out as freelance digital marketers who specialize in growing email lists using Facebook.

Keep in mind these are the most advanced tools Facebook gives us, so please be at least a little familiar with Facebook ads before purchasing the course.

Don’t fight for customers and sales anymore: use Facebook marketing to create a massive email marketing list of engaged subscribers that will be your customers for life.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to massively grow their email lists cheaply
  • Anyone wanting to start work as a freelance marketer specializing in growing email lists using Facebook
  • Small business owners looking to increase profits by using the most effective advertising available: email lists
  • Anyone wanting to understand advanced Facebook advertising techniques

Category: Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing
Instructor: Yossof Sharifi
Language: English
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