A Sip of Java

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A Sip of Java

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Learn the core features of Java in the time it takes to finish a coffee.

What you’ll learn

  • Java language basics
  • Beginner programming concepts and terminology
  • The ability to make your own programs
  • Simple user interface computer applications
  • Be able to write data to and from an external file
  • Prompt users for input via a computer program
  • Math operators in Java
  • Conditional statements in Java
  • Classes and functions


  • Have a computer powerful enough to run Java 11. Windows 7, 8, and 10 can run this version. MacOS 10.11 or higher with also work.
  • Be comfortable downloading and installing software.
  • Basic computer literacy. Tasks like saving and manipulating files, navigating around the computer, and operating a browser are expected.


A Sip of Java is for those who are interested in learning the basics of Java without all the extra details. This course aims to be the quickest way for a student to go from knowing nothing or very little about Java and programming to writing their own applications. In this course students will learn how to:

  1. Setup their computer to write and run Java applications
  2. Write console apps that can respond to user input
  3. Learn Java language basics – types, variables, conditions, loops, operators, functions, classes, etc.
  4. Read and write data to external files
  5. Create their own GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications
  6. Start their path to becoming an accomplished programmer

Learning how to program with Java is a great skill to have. This course is designed to be the fastest way to understand core concepts of Java.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java developers looking to learn more about the basics of the language
  • Students interested in learning how to program
  • Someone who is looking for a starting point in their journey to become a computer programmer

Category: Development, Programming Languages, Java
Instructor: Nate Dessert, Derrick Mitchell
Language: English
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