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5 Days To Decluttering & Organizing Your Bedroom.

Take five days to declutter and organize your bedroom, dresser, closet, drawers in your home. Improve your home today!

What Will I Learn?

  • Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom (no more procrastination)
  • Organize your closet and dresser (no more shoving items on top of items)
  • BONUS Downloadable PDFs (easy follow along steps)
  • Achieve a clean bedroom floor (no more tripping or stepping over items)
  • BONUS lecture on organizing your craft room/creative space


  • Gather trash bags, donation box, duster, vacuum, disinfecting wipes and a storage bin (optional) ready before starting this class


Do you avoid cleaning your bedroom?
Or maybe procrastinate on cleaning it?
In turn have you become stuck in this endless cycle?

In this course, Tatiana will share day by day action steps to declutter your bedroom easily so it’s not a chore. Learn how to declutter your bedroom by following along with different lectures and printable PDF’s with Tatiana today and organize your bedroom in only five days!

I created this course, because as a professional Creative Artist with three dogs, my household can look chaotic after completing a big project and end of the day I am just like you. Yes, I have messy rooms but I also LOVE organization and clutter-free rooms so I created this course specifically as a follow along on tackling your bedroom this week

With only needing 5 days, you can transform your bedroom into a welcoming and energetic space by the end of this week!

Each day has bonus printable PDF checklists so even when you’re not watching this course, you have a sheet to look off of and check off. I wanted these five days to not be seen as a chore, but motivate you to get the bedroom that is clean, inviting and inspires you to walk into in and think ‘WOW, I LOVE MY BEDROOM!”

What students have said about this course:

“Tatiana’s decluttering class has re-inspired me to do the same, at least try, to my home in order to bring more mental and movement space for me to choreograph.” ~Nerissa

Why you should take this course:

  • Improve your bedroom by simplifying and organizing your room today
  • Declutter your dresser, drawers and closet in your bedroom
  • You will be able to find what you have lost and know where everything is located in your bedroom
  • Use this course as motivation and inspiration to declutter and organize your bedroom this week
  • BONUS before and after of Tatiana’s bedroom after each day
  • BONUS PDF’s for each day to print and check off
  • BONUS lecture on decluttering and organizing your craft room/creative space

What bonuses are included?

  • You will see the before and after of Tatiana’s bedroom after each day
  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets you can print and check off each day
  • An extra lecture on decluttering and organizing your creative space/craft room

What past graduates from this course have said:

“Learned some new tips. Thank Tatiana!” ~Linda 

Let’s get started if you’re ready to have fun and tackle decluttering and organizing your bedroom in five days!

Who is the target audience?

  • If you’re tired of having a messy bedroom
  • If you’re ready to get motivated about decluttering their bedroom
  • If you want to organize your closet/wardrobe
  • If you want to see how much more space you can create in your bedroom

Category: Lifestyle, Home Improvement, Decluttering

Instructor: Tatiana Ambrose Creative Artist

Language: English

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