10 Minute Yoga! Happy Mind, Body & Spirit in Just 10 Mins

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10 Minute Yoga! Happy Mind, Body & Spirit in Just 10 Mins

Udemy Free For Limited Time Course | 10 Minute Yoga! Happy Mind, Body & Spirit in Just 10 Mins 🙂

3 FREE Hatha Yoga Practices to get you feeling zen in 10!

What you’ll learn

  • Improve their flexibility, strength and mental focus
  • Learn how to relax deeply every single day
  • Have the confidence that they can build a daily yoga practice (even if they are very short on time)
  • Know how to do many of the basic asana (yoga poses)


  • This course is suitable for people new to yoga.
  • It is not recommended for people with injuries or serious health conditions.
  • It is recommended that you consult your doctor before introducing new classes into your fitness regime.


Do you want to practice yoga but sometimes feel that you just don’t have enough time?

Then this free course is for you!

It contains 3x  simple, easy to follow routines that can be used when you don’t have enough time for a full practice.

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     🙂 Sacha

Sequence 1: Dream- Set your intention and gently warm up your body for an amazing day ahead

Sequence  2: Feel Free: Stretches- Twists and Standing poses to help you feel great

Sequence  3: Heart open- Back bends and forward bends to help you feel the love!

  These videos are made with love- It is my greatest hope that you enjoy them,


         🙂 Sacha

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if you would love to get started with a daily yoga practice
  • You want to feel stronger, more flexible, happier and more balanced
  • You lead a busy life and wish to get going even on days when you only have 15 minutes spare
  • You want to take a moment each day to turn off your mind and come fully in to your body
  • You want to improve your flexibility, strength and mental focus

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Instructor: Sacha Heath
Language: English
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